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Right Choice?

Picking the right pharmacy can be a tough decision on you and your family. Is it close to home? Is it too expensive? If I have a question, is there anybody there who can help me? Your current pharmacist might be able to help with one or two of these obstacles but you shouldn’t have to debate what’s more important to you when it comes to your health.

At Riley’s Drugs we take pride in being able to provide quality products that are affordable, and we provide a team that is always here to help…no matter the obstacles!


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Get in and out faster using our online app so you can utilize your time accomplishing your daily goals and not waiting in line.


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Let our staff help you navigate your needs with our 1 on 1 care and our ability to help you find the products you need.


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Gain some piece of mind knowing that your one-stop shop for all of your medical needs is right around the corner!

We’re Here to Help…

We understand that getting your prescriptions filled can be a frustrating and daunting experience. We care about the experience of our customers and providing a space for you to get the prescriptions you need when you need them.

We understand the importance of a personal touch when you visit our store or call us on the phone!

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the best thing for your family!

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A Personal Touch

Is it convenient? Is it costly? Is it a comfortable place to shop? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when searching for a good place to pick up your prescriptions. After you’ve found your pharmacy you will most likely have to begin the process of transferring your prescriptions or searching the store without any help desperately trying to find the few items you need. At Riley’s Drugs, we are happy to say that we are here to help you overcome all of these obstacles with the perfect destination for all your pharmaceutical needs.

Customer Reviews

I don’t know why I didn’t move from the big box stores sooner! The team was nice and helpful, the store is clean and welcoming and the customers around me came in smiling like they were going to visit old friends. Haven’t felt that in a minute. Riley’s is our go to place now.

Salinda H.

So friendly efficient staff.. no wait time all medicines available no having to order meds

Susan W.

Just a fantastic drug store. Wonderful staff care about what they do and who they help. They definitely give you a small town friendly vibe. My Sulcata tortoise feels a lot better and gives them 5 stars as well.

Kyle D.

Best pharmacy in town. Love the staff they are so helpful and friendly. Love seeing Nash also!!!

Erika M.

Staff was extremely helpful. I will go back to this pharmacy

Colleen A.


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