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We are pleased to announce our new Smart Phone App for Riley's Drugs. The app is available for both Android and iPhone. You can refill your prescriptions fast and convenient from the app as well as get detailed information and health news.

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Compression Wear for

The concept of compression therapy goes back to the ancient Egyptians and is based on a simple mechanical principle of applying an elastic garment around the leg. By graduating the compression (strongest at the ankle and decreasing going up the leg), the garment acts as a layer of muscle gently squeezing the stretched vein walls together and allowing the valves to close. This works against gravity to restore blood flow to normal and increase circulation thus bringing relief for tired, swollen legs.

The staff at Riley’s Drugs know what tired, achy legs can feel like that’s why we wear Sigvaris on a daily basis ourselves!! We love the fact that there are many styles and colors to choose from so no one even knows you are wearing compression. They look and feel so good!  Styles are available from sheer knee hi to panty hose, casual cotton, professional styles for the business savvy, merino wool for the outdoor lover or sports compression for athletic training. There’s a style for everyone. Sigvaris stands behind every product with a 6 month guarantee. That’s one reason why they are the world’s leader in compression therapy.  See for yourself at

We invite you to come in and see our full line of Sigvaris compression for legs and lymphedema sleeves for the arm. Our trained fitters can help you with any level of compression. The 15-20mmHg does not require a prescription and we can measure you in just a few minutes. If your Dr. would like to order a stronger level of compression we can work with them to ensure you’re getting the proper fit for your individual needs.