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We are pleased to announce our new Smart Phone App for Riley's Drugs. The app is available for both Android and iPhone. You can refill your prescriptions fast and convenient from the app as well as get detailed information and health news.

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Compounding for

Riley’s Vital Care, our compounding pharmacy, specializes in custom compounding for your unique medication needs. Compounding combines the traditional art of preparing medications from natural ingredients with modern technology to prepare creams, capsules, suppositories, liquids, transdermals and other dosage forms. Our experienced pharmacists and technicians are able to work with you and your physician to create a “solution” for your medication problem. We invite you to call or visit us to inquire about compounding for both people and pets. Let us create a dosage form that is “just what the doctor ordered”.
Our compounding services include:
arrorwBullet Natural hormone replacement for women and men arrorwBullet Medications that are no longer commercially available
arrorwBullet Thyroid replacement arrorwBullet Sugar, lactose, silicon, alcohol or dye-free medication
arrorwBullet Adrenal fatigue products arrorwBullet Veterinary medications for your pet or farm animal
arrorwBullet Topical creams, ointments, gels, PLOs arrorwBullet Dental preparations
arrorwBullet Suppositories arrorwBullet Hospice/palliative care medications
arrorwBullet Liquid solutions and suspensions arrorwBullet Dermatology
arrorwBullet Troches and “gummies” arrorwBullet Podiatry
arrorwBullet Lollipops arrorwBullet Sports medicine
arrorwBullet Medication flavoring arrorwBullet Pediatrics
arrorwBullet Pain management arrorwBullet Lip Balms