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We are pleased to announce our new Smart Phone App for Riley's Drugs. The app is available for both Android and iPhone. You can refill your prescriptions fast and convenient from the app as well as get detailed information and health news.

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Buy-Smart 100 Day Generic Plan for

Buy-Smart 100 day generic program

(open to all patients regardless of insurance)

At Riley’s Drugs we are committed to quality patient care at an affordable price and are pleased to offer our Buy-Smart 100 day generic plan! This plan allows you to purchase certain generics for as little as $12.00 for a 100 days supply and is available to all patients regardless of insurance.

There are hundreds of medications included in our Buy-Smart 100 day generic plan which are divided into three Tiers of pricing. Most generics are on Tier 1 and cost $12.00. Tier 2 generics cost $15.00 and Tier 3 generics cost $25.00 for a 100 days supply. Quantities dispensed are based on typical dosing. We reserve the right to add or remove medications based on current pricing and availability.

We often hear that our Buy-Smart 100 day generic plan is less expensive than mail order pricing. With our plan you receive the added bonus of keeping local business revenue in our state and having the expertise of your local independent pharmacist caring for you!